UCMJ - Uniformed Code of Military Justice, (Public Law 506, 81st Congress, 1951). The system of military law, both judicial and non-judicial. UH-1H - Huey helicopter. unbloused - Trousers not bloused around or tucked into boot tops. under arms - Status of having a weapon, sidearm, "MP" or "SP" brassard, or wearing equipment pertaining to an arm such as a sword sling, pistol belt, or cartridge belt as part of guard duty. Marines under arms do not remove covers indoors. underway - Depart or to start a process for an objective. UNIFORM - Military phonetic for the letter 'U'.   USMC - Unite States Marine Corps. Also used as a pejorative backronym: Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, U Signed the Motherf**king Contract, U Suckers Miss Christmas, Unlimited S**t and Mass Confusion, University of Science, Music and Culture, Uncomplicated S**t Made Complicated. USO - United Service Organization, Inc., private, non-profit organization that provides morale and recreational services to members of the US military worldwide. utilities - OD green field and work uniforms, currently MCCUU. Formerly called dungarees. utility belt - Grommeted web belt worn around waist for carrying side arm, ammunition, first aid kit, bayonet, etc. VA - Veterans Administration. VC - Viet Cong, the National Liberation Front. vertical envelopment - Insertion of Marines into a combat zone by helicopter. VICTOR - Military phonetic for the letter 'V'. Victor Charlie - Viet Cong. The enemy. Viet Cong - Communist-led forces fighting the South Vietnamese government. The political wing was known as the National Liberation Front, and the military was called the People's Liberation Armed Forces. Both the NLF and the PLAF were directed by the People's Revolutionary Party (PRP), the southern branch of the Vietnamese Communist Party, which received direction from Hanoi through COSVN, which was located in III Corps on the Cambodian border. After 1968, as negotiations began in Paris, the NLF established the Provisional Revolutionary Government.    Viet Minh - Viet Nam Doc Lap Dong Minh Hoi, or the Vietnamese Allied Independence League. A political and resistance organization established by Ho Chi Minh before the end of World War II, dominated by the Communist Party. Though at first smaller and less famous than the non-Communist nationalist movements, the Viet Minh seized power through superior organizational skills, ruthless tactics, and popular support.   VNAF - South Vietnamese Air Force   WAG - Wild-Ass Guess. Sometimes qualified with the sarcastic prefix "Scientific". wake-up - As in "13 and a wake-up" -- the last day of a soldier's Vietnam tour. war paint - Camouflage face paint. wasted - Killed. watch - Formal tour of duty of prescribed length, usually a guard-related task of four hours. water buffalo or water bull - 400-gallon potable water tank, tank, trailer- mounted and towed behind a truck. water taxi - Small engine-powered boat with a sheltered passenger compartment. These native craft plied the major canals and rivers of Vietnam and provided a means of transportation from one village to the next. web gear - Canvas belt and shoulder straps for packing equipment and ammunition on infantry operations. weed - Marijuana. weekend warrior - Reservist. WHISKEY - Military phonetic for the letter 'W'. white phosphorus - Type of explosive round from artillery, mortars, or rockets. Also a type of aerial bomb. The rounds exploded with a huge puff of white smoke from the hotly burning phosphorus, and were used as marking or incendiary rounds. When white phosphorus hit the skin of a living creature it continued to burn until it had burned through the body. Water would not extinguish it. Nicknamed, Willy Peter. whites - Marine Corps or Navy white dress uniforms. WIA - Wounded In Action. wilco - Voice procedure term shortened from "Will Comply". Willy Peter - White phosphorus. windage - Left and right adjustments on rear site of weapon used to adjust for down-range cross winds. wire, the - Defensive perimeter of a fire  base, crossing it denotes the end of relative safety. WM - Woman Marine.
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