TA-50 - Individual soldier's standard issue of combat clothing and equipment TAC - Tactical Air Strikes. Fighter bombers. TAD - Temporary Additional Duty. Duty where the Marine or Sailor is detached from his or her unit temporarily and serves elsewhere. Comparable to the Army term TDY. Tail-end Charlie - Last unit in a long column on the move. TANGO - Military phonetic for the letter 'T'. Tet - Vietnamese lunar new year, usually falling at the end of January or beginning of February. Tet Offensive - Major uprising of the National Liberation Front, their sympathizers, and NVA characterized by a series of coordinated attacks against military installations and provincial capitals throughout Vietnam. Occurred during the lunar New Year at the end of January, 1968. thermite - Mixture of powdered aluminum and metal oxide which produces great heat for use in welding and incendiary bombs. Hot enough to burn through an engine block. The Rock - Okinawa. things on the springs - Inspection of clothing and equipment laid out on a bunk. thousand-yard-stare - Unfocused gaze of a battle-weary soldier or Marine. three hots and a flop - Benefits of being in the military; three meals a day and a place to sleep. One can get the same benefits in the brig. three-quarter - Three-quarter ton truck. thump gun - M-79 grenade launcher, named for the distinctive noise made when firing. thump gunner - Grenadier armed with the M-79 grenade launcher. tie-ties - Lengths of cloth string used in boot camp to tie wet laundry to a clothes line. The Marine Corps’ version of clothes pins. tight - Good friends are close to or "tight" with each other. tight-jawed - Angry. So named from the human tendency to clench the jaw when angered. top - Informal nickname for a master sergeant, inappropriate to use without permission. topside - Ship's upper deck. The top floor. Tourane - French name for the city of Danang, Vietnam before 1954. tracer - Round of ammunition chemically treated to glow or give off smoke so that its flight is visible. trach - Tracheotomy. Making an opening into the windpipe to facilitate breathing. tracks - Any vehicle which move on tracks rather than on wheels. trip flare - Ground flare triggered by tripping a wire. Used to signal and illuminate the approach of an enemy at night.  tropicals - Summer, khaki uniform. trousers - Marine term for pants. Only babies and girls wear pants. tsutsugamushi - Mite-borne infectious disease caused by a microorganism, Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, characteristically with fever, headache, rash, swollen glands  and a dark crusted ulcer at the site of the chigger bite. This disease occurred in the area bounded by Japan, India, and Australia. Known also as bush typhus and tropical typhus. Often fatal if not treated. tube steak - Bologna.
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