S-1 - Administrative section of a battalion/squadron or lower echelon. Division level and above are given a ‘G’ designation; i.e., G-1. S-2 - Intelligence section. S-3 - Operations and training section. S-4 - Supply and logistics section. S-5 - Civil affairs section. saddle up - Put on packs and prepare to move out. salt - Marine who has been through several enlistments, who has been in combat, or who served in the "Old Corps". salt tablets - Salt pills taken daily by boot camp recruits to help prevent dehydration. A serious issue often warranted the taking of the tablets to be personally overseen by the DI. salty - Describing a person or object that has been around since Job was a pup. salad, Tossed salad or fruit salad - Ribbons and medals worn on a uniform. From the colorful appearance of wearing many awards. salty language - Profanity. salvo - Firing a battery or group of weapons in unison.   same-same - Same as. sampan - Vietnamese peasant's boat. sandbagger - Slacker. Someone who is not pulling his own weight. sapper - Viet Cong or NVA commando, usually armed with explosives. A combat engineer. satchel charge - Explosives-packed rucksack (20 to 24 pounds of explosive) with fuse, used by combat engineers to destroy fortified positions, or large targets. say again (your last) - Request to repeat a verbal message, especially over a radio.  The word "repeat" is never used in this context, as it calls for a preceding fire mission to be fired again. sayōnara - Japanese for "goodbye". seabag - Canvas duffel bag used to carry one's personal belongings. One often is said to, "live out of his duffel bag," when on board ship.   sea bat - Fictitious seaborne flying rodent that is eventually "caught" and placed in a covered cage on the deck of a ship. Any naive soul who bends down to lift the cover for a peek at the "bat" is unceremoniously swatted across the posterior by two broom-wielding sailors or Marines. Often part of the initiation for those crossing the International Date Line for the first time. SeaBees - Phonetic equivalent of Construction Battalion, or CB. Navy construction engineers. SEAL - SEa And Land. Highly trained Navy special warfare team member.   sea lawyer - Person who dispenses legal advice without any sort of formal training or schooling. Inappropriately called a "barracks lawyer". search and destroy - Operation in which troops search an area and destroy anything the enemy might find useful.   sea story - Story, tale, or yarn calculated to impress others, often contains exaggeration or even outright lies. SEATO - South-East Asia Treaty Organization. secure - Stop, cease, or put away and lock. Semper Fi - Shortened version of "Semper Fidelis", the motto of the Corps. Latin for "Always Faithful". SCIF - Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. Secure, RF (radio frequency) and sound shielded facility or room where classified information and materials can be displayed, discussed, processed, and/or stored. scrambled eggs - Gold oak leaf embroidery on an officer's barracks cap visor and dress uniform cuffs.   scuttlebutt - Gossip. Water fountain. A water cask with a spigot for drinking. Because people gathered around a scuttlebutt often gossip and pass on rumors and sea stories, the information given is known as scuttlebutt. scullery - Place where dishes are washed. shake'n'bake - Sergeant who attended NCO school and earned rank after only a very short time in uniform.   shaped charge - Explosive charge, the energy of which is focused in one direction. ship over - To re-enlist. shiro taxi - Unlicensed and unmarked vehicle in Okinawa whose driver offers taxi service for a reduced fee. The "cab" is referred to as "black market" though shiro means white in Japanese. s**t bag or s**t bird - Habitually unkempt or undisciplined Marine. s**t bird or s**t bag - Habitually unkempt or undisciplined Marine. s**t can - Trash can. To throw away. shooter - Person whose primary duty involves marksmanship with a rifle or pistol, such as students at a rifle range or competition team members. shore party - Landing support specialists that direct the disposition of troops during an amphibious assault. short - Term used by everyone to tell all who would listen that his tour of duty was almost over. short round - Artillery shell or mortar round that falls short of its intended target. short-time - One-shot sexual encounter, lasting between thirty seconds to thirty minutes, depending on the condition of the Marine.   short-timer - Marine nearing the end of his tour of duty. short-timer's calendar - Graphic representing the last 30 to 60 days of one's enlistment. Sometimes a pin-up girl whose figure is divided into a select number of days which are checked off or filled in as each day passes. Sometimes, a deck of 52 playing cards, discarding a card for each passing day, with the Ace of Spades being given to the first sergeant on the last day.   short-timer's disease - Apathy to duties and regulations from a person nearing end of enlistment. shove off - To leave the vicinity. From the naval term meaning to guide a ship to sea. Shufly - Code name for US Marine helicopter operations in Vietnam between 1961 and 1965. shrapnel - Pieces of metal or debris sent flying by an explosion. sick bay - Infirmary or other medical facility aboard ship. Can also refer to aid stations ashore. sick call - Daily period, usually in the morning, when routine ailments are treated at sick bay. side arm  - Weapon, usually a pistol, carried by a sentry under arms. Cream and sugar in coffee. side straddle hop - Jumping jack. SIERRA - Military phonetic for the letter 'S'. sight in - Aiming a weapon through the sights at a target. Considered an intention to shoot the target. silver bullet - Rectal thermometer used to check the core temperature of a person suffering from heat-related injuries, such as hypothermia. Often referred to as an incentive to avoid dehydration. Silver Star - US military decoration awarded for gallantry in action. skate - Avoiding work by finding an excuse to be elsewhere or unavailable by doing something easier but important enough to avoid re-tasking. Also used as an adjective to describe such an easier duty. skipper - Nickname for captain or commanding officer in the Marine Corps and Navy. Inappropriate to refer to a commanding officer that is not your own or without permission. skivvies - Underwear. skylark - To casually frolic or take excess time to complete a task, from the old naval term to run up and down the rigging of a ship in sport.   slop chute - Impolite term for restaurant within the PX or a local eating place. smoke grenade - Grenade that releases brightly colored smoke. Used for signalling. smoking lamp - Referring to a space of time when cigar/cigarette smoking is permitted; e.g. - "The smoking lamp is lit for one cigarette and one cigarette only." or "The smoking lamp is out until we are airborne." SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F**ked Up. snap in - Conduct sighting in or aiming exercises with an unloaded weapon. snot locker - Nose. snow job - Misleading or grossly exaggerated report; sales talk. so lam - Vietnamese for "number one". The best or greatest. Son of Neptune - Honorary title given to anyone who has crossed the Prime Meridian in the Pacific and successfully passed initiation. Often accompanied with a membership card signed by the CO. SOP - Standard Operating Procedure.  Accepted or routine way of doing something. SOS - Save Our Ship. International distress signal. S**t On a Shingle, creamed chipped beef on toast. More often than not, creamed hamburger on toast. SP - Shore Patrol. Navy's police force equivalent to the Army's military police. SP pack - Cellophane packet containing toiletries and cigarettes which was sometimes given along with C-rations to soldiers in the field.  spider hole - Enemy foxhole with a camouflaged trap door or cover, often used by the Viet Cong. Spiffy - Spring-activated wire brace placed under the collar of a uniform shirt to keep the collar straight and the knot of the field scarf (tie) high. spit and polish - Extreme individual or collective military neatness, extreme devotion to the minutiae of traditional military procedures and/or ceremonies. spit-shine - Leather polishing technique employing spittle or water to remove excess polish and produce a high shine. splib - Barely tolerated term for a black Marine in Okinawa in the 1960s. Term originated by black marines to identify other black soldiers. White Marines were "chucks". spud locker - Place where fresh vegetables are stored and prepared for cooking, after the nickname for potatoes. squad - Small military unit usually consisting of three fire teams of four Marines each. squad bay - Living quarters with open rooms and shared head, as opposed to the more common barracks that offer individual rooms. Term seldom used outside of boot camp. squared away - To be in a neat and regulation appearance. squid - Pejorative for sailor. stacking swivel - Oblong-shaped, split link attached to a rifle barrel that allowed three rifles to be hooked and stacked together into a pyramid. The M1 Garand was the last service rifle to have a stacking swivel. A person's throat. staff sergeant - E-6; second lowest non-commissioned officer rank. stand by - Wait. Stop and wait. stand down - Infantry unit's return from the boonies to the base camp for refitting and training. Later, a unit being withdrawn from Vietnam and redeployed to the US. starboard - Naval term for “right” or "right side"; opposite of port. starlight scope - Image intensifying optics using the light of the moon and stars to illuminate targets at night. straight arrow - Marine who remains faithful to his spouse. strap hanger – Non-essential person on an aircraft. Someone hitching a ride. strike - Assault, usually launched from helicopters. survey - Medical discharge or to effect discharge/retirement of an individual for medical reasons. Dispose of an item of government property by reason of unserviceability. Susie Rottencrotch - Pejorative for wife, girlfriend, or other female. swab - To mop a deck (floor). Also pejorative for sailor, so named because sailors of wooden ships had to swab the decks to keep them from warping. SWAG - Scientific Wild Ass Guess. Often it was just a “WAG”. swagger stick - Ceremonial baton or riding crop once carried by drill instructors as a symbol of authority. Antiquated and long out of style. syrette - Collapsible tube of morphine or other drug fitted with a hypodermic needle. The contents of the tube was  injected by squeezing it like a toothpaste tube.
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