USMC Marine Corps Air Facility, Futema, Okinawa 1st Marine Air Wing
Combat Engineers on a break. L to R: Sgt. Quarrels, me, Ernie Woods, Jr. and Ken (Slim) Scheulen.
Three on a Bunk. L to R: Bowser, Slim, and Sgt. C.
Pondering Sgt. C.
Easter Sunday. Woods, Franklin, and myself headed off-base to attend Easter services and then breakfast at the VFW.
Physical Readiness Test, or PRT, completed. Back-packs, cartridge belts, and M-14s, returning to the bar-racks for a shower and some R & R. L to R: Brown, me, Woods and Essex.
Base Librarian and me, hamming it up after the PRT. We stayed in touch for several years after I returned to the States. His life story was incredible for being only 20 years old.
Wall Art in my cubicle. I commissioned Yogi Bear and Dino, from the Flintstones cartoon, as gifts for my two cousins. The woman who did the art worked in a yarn median called Bunka. It’s a kind of three-dimensional embroidery where the finished art is sheared and combed yarn. The two masks in the center are Okinawan demon masks  used over the doorways of homes to ward off evil spirits. I discovered the unbelievable “buddha” (lower center) while exploring the sides streets of Futema.
Bowling Night. Slim, Ernie, and myself getting ready for a little bowling competition. I designed the shirts for our team, The KNIFs. We did not win the tournament but we had a good time trying.
Rice Paper lamp I bought for my cubicle. There is not much designer furniture in a Marine barracks.
Me helping build the office in our shop.
Rats were not an uncommon site at our shop considering the remote location and the snacks at our coffee bar. Nevertheless, Slim jumped back when a rat interrupted his morning cup of java.
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Base Time
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