OCS - Officer Candidate School. OD - Olive Drab, a dull-green camouflage color. o-dark thirty - Half past midnight or the middle of the night. The custom of saying "oh" instead of zero has diminished, but remains in this expression. office hours - Non-judicial punishment meted out at the discretion of the commanding officer or first sergeant. Rulings and punishments are arbitrary and at the discretion of whoever is presiding. officers' club or officers' mess or O-Club - Recreation facility for officers that often includes a bar, restaurant, game room, and objects of unit significance, such as a mascot or war trophy. Similar to a gentleman's club. officers' country - Living spaces for officers aboard ship, or portion of post or station allocated for the exclusive use of officers. OIC - Officer In Charge. Commissioned officer responsible for a group of Marines, but without the authority of a commanding officer. OJT - On-the-Job Training. Without a formal school or period of instruction. Oki - Okinawa. old Corps - Any period of Marine Corps history that old salts say they served in. During my term of enlistment (1961 to 1966) the Old Corps meant the period of time before the Ribbon Creek/McKeon Incident at Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot, April 8, 1956. Old Man - Very informal nickname for the commanding officer, considered an inappropriate term of endearment for use by a junior, thus used in reference but never in address. Ontos - Lightly armored anti-tank, tracked vehicle mounting six 106 millimeter recoilless rifles. OOD - Officer Of the Deck. Or the senior Marine responsible for the patrol and security of a unit's garrison working spaces and sleeping quarters after working hours, usually responsible for subordinate sentries and acts as a guard commander. Oorah! or ooh rah or urah - Spirited cry used since the mid-20th century, comparable to hooah used in the Army or hooyah by Navy SEALs. Most commonly used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm. The origin is often disputed. OP - Observation Post. Position used for reconnaissance; also, the post newspaper of Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California.   OR - Operating Room. OSCAR - Military phonetic for the letter 'O'.   OSS - Office of Strategic Services. World War II predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency. Overhead - Ceiling.
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