M-1 - World War II vintage American combat rifle retired in 1966. M-1 chin - Crease or cut in the chin resulting from the shooter leaning too close to an M-1 rifle's rear sight when aiming and firing a rifle grenade. M-1 thumb - Jammed or bruised thumb resulting from catching the thumb in the forward movement of the bolt of an M-1 rifle when attempting to load a clip of ammunition into the weapon. M-3A1 - .45 caliber light, machine gun. Nicknamed, “grease gun.” M-5 Mousetrap - Spring-activated detonating device for setting boobytraps. M-14 - 7.62 cal. Wood stock rifle used in early years of Vietnam conflict. Later redesigned as a long range combat and sniper rifle and currently used in Afghanistan and Iraq.   M-16 - Standard US military rifle used in Vietnam from 1966 on. Successor to M-14. M-1911A1 - .45 cabliber, clip loaded, semi-automatic pistol. The standard sidearm of the US military from 1912 to 1985.   M-60 - Standard light, machine gun used by US forces in Vietnam.   M-79 - US military hand-held grenade launcher. ma'am - Proper method of addressing female officers in particular and all women in general. MABS - Marine Air Base Squadron. mad minute - Weapons free-fire practice and test session. Once demonstrated to civilians at Marine bases as an example of a Marine platoon in defense. MAF - Marine Amphibious Force. MAG - Marine Aircraft Group, composed of operational squadrons and headquarters and service units. Maggie's drawers - Red flag waved in front of a target by the Marine pulling butts when the shooter completely misses the target. Flag is sometimes waved in a taunting manner. mail-buoy watch - Fictitious duty given a naive Marine onboard ship. The Marine is told to watch for the mail buoy where a supply ship has left mail for the Marine's ship to pick up. The homesick marine might wait for hours before he is told or realizes the joke.  mama-san - Term of endearment for an elder Japanese woman, often a maid, cook, or tailor/seamstress performing services for Marines. Also used in Vietnam to address older women. MARCAD - Marine Aviation Cadet training to become a pilot at the naval flight training school in Pensacola, Florida. Marine - Following nicknames are usually acceptable: leatherneck, devil dog, sea soldier, warrior, hard charger, and  motivator. The following are acceptable only from other Marines: jarhead and gyrene. The following are insults: soldier, navy bellhop, and seabag. marker round - First round fired by mortars or artillery. Used to adjust the following rounds onto the target.   Marston or Marsden matting - Steel landing mats developed by the U.S. Army prior to World War II. The 16-inch by 10-foot corrugated mats, with a punched-hole pattern, were used for military aircraft portable runways, beach landings, temporary roads, airfield taxing routes, and storage pads for heavy equipment and supplies. The Marston mat was used extensively during World War II to build portable runways in the Pacific theater of operations. It was still in use in the early 1960s by the Marine Corps in South Vietnam to build and extend runways at bases like Danang. MAW - Marine Aicraft Wing. Composed of operational aircraft groups and headquarters and service units. May West - Inflatable life preserver worn around the neck and over the chest. A partially deployed parachute with a shroud line crossing over the chute causing the divided canopy to resemble a giant bra. MBT — Main Battle Tank, currently the M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams. MCAF - Marine Corps Air Facility. MCAS - Marine Corps Air Station. MCB - Marine Corps Base. MCI - Marine Corps Institute. Distance education program. Also, the courses available to Marines for bonus promotion credits. MCRD - Marine Corps Recruit Depot.   MEDEVAC or Medivac - Medical Evacuation. Removing a wounded person from the battle scene to the closest medical or triage facility using designated ambulance equipment, vehicles, or aircraft. MEF - Marine Expeditionary Force. mess hall - cafeteria or chow hall. MEU - Marine Expeditionary Unit. MIA - Missing In Action. MIKE - Military phonetic for the letter 'M'. military time - Time of day using a 24-hour clock. milk run - Non-combat helicopter mission, usually to deliver personal and supplies to a remote location. Too often, such missions in Vietnam resulted in taking hostile fire and engaging in firefights. million-dollar wound - Non-crippling wound serious enough to warrant return to the US.   Montagnard - French colonists' name for the Degar, an indigenous peoples of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Montagnard means "mountain people" in French and is a carry-over from the French colonial period in Vietnam. In Vietnamese, they are known by the term"thuong" (highlanders). They were fierce fighters and allies of the United States. MLR - Main Line of Resistance. Area where the most defensive firepower is concentrated. mortar - Muzzle-loading cannon with a short tube in relation to its caliber that throws projectiles with low muzzle velocity at high angles. MOS - Military Occupational Specialty. Designated by a four-digit number, i.e., 0311, rifleman; 1371, combat engineer; 5711, NBC NCO (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare Non-Commissioned Officer). motor pool - Area designated for the storage and maintenance of vehicles. motor t or MT - Motor Transport. Subunit of Marines responsible for the operation and maintenance of wheeled non-combat and non-engineer vehicles. MP - Military Police. MPC - Military Payment Currency. Scrip currency (funny money) issued US military personnel, usually in combat zones, where American currency is politically or practically inappropriate. MRE - Meal, Ready-to-Eat. Standard US field ration. Sometimes jokingly referred to with backronyms like: Meals Rejected by the Enemy, Meals Rejected by Ethopia, Meal, Rotten to Eject; Meals Rarely Eaten, Meal, Reluctant to Exit, Mister E, or the Three Lies for the Price of One. mule - Small, motorized platform (ATV) originally designed to carry a 106- millimeter recoilless rifle, but most often used for transporting supplies and personnel. mustang - Marine officer who had prior service in the enlisted ranks.
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