JOBS Finding Your Career in Federal Service
Student Educational Employment Program The Student Educational Employment Program provides employment opportunities to students who are interested in public service with the Federal Government. Students benefit from paid employment, flexible work schedules, and challenging work assignments. Students gain exposure to public service while enhancing their educational goals and shaping their career choices. Eligibility Requirements U.S. Citizenship. Enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a degree-seeking student (diploma, certificate, etc.). Taking at least half-time academic or vocational and technical course load in an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, 2-year or 4-year college or university, graduate or professional school. Good academic standing (overall GPA of 2.75 or higher or some equiva- lent measure where GPA is not available). At least the minimum age required by Federal, State or local laws and standards governing the employment of minors. Meet the qualification standards and security requirements of the position.
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One thing students won’t have when they graduate from RIT is a padded resume. It’s a win-win for our corporate partners, too. While students graduate with real, paid work experience; companies benefit from innovative students who bring new ideas and energy to a company. Our co-op program attracts more than 1,900 employers worldwide, giving our students an unbelievable selection of companies, large and small, to consider for co-op positions. There’s no better way for students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom than to participate in a co-operative education experience. Not only do students gain insight into their career field, they make contacts with professionals, clarify their career goals, and give themselves an edge over the competition. Taken from RIT’s website. 
PLEASE NOTE does not hold a complete listing of available jobs in the federal government. Some agencies, especially members of the Intelligence Community and law enforcement, prefer to post their job openings on their respective websites. Make sure you check each agency’s website for more career opportunities.
Internships The Secret Service and other federal agencies offer summer internships to junior and senior high school students. Usually, you need to be living in northern Virginia to take advantage of these programs. It is worth looking into. CO-OP Programs Major U. S. universities and colleges have CO-OP agreements with the federal government. The student attends school for two semesters and then works at a government or contractor facility for two semesters. The student receives a salary, accrues employment time-in-grade, and sometimes receives partial or full tuition.
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