dai jobu - Japanese for OK. DCH - Caribou. Light transport that carried DCI - Director of the CIA. deck - Ground. Floor. deep six - Dispose of something by throwing it overboard ship. Throwing something in the trash. Sea depth is measured in fathoms; each fathom measuring six feet.   DELTA - Military phonetic for the letter 'D'. dependent - Civilian spouse or child of a military person.   det-cord - Flexible, explosive "rope" that detonates like dynamite. deuce-and-a-half - Two-and-a-half ton truck. Devil Dog - A nickname earned by Marines fighting at the battle of Belleau Woods, France, during World War I. From the German word "teufelhunden". DI - Drill Instructor, U. S. Marine Corps. Inappropriate to use the Army term "drill sergeant". DI hut or duty hut - Office for drill instructors in a platoon's squad bay. Doubles as sleeping quarters for the drill instructor on duty.  diddy-bopping - Walking carelessly. Poor performance in close-order drill, or marching in a manner that does not present a crisp military appearance. dien cai dau - Vietnamese mispronounced by Marines as dinky dow, meaning crazy. dinger - Accomplished marksman. Often a sniper. dinky dow - Crazy. “Dien cai dau”, Vitnamese phrase mispronounced by Marines.  DMZ - Demilitarized Zone. Dividing line between North and South Vietnam established in 1954 at the Geneva Convention. Also, the neutral area between North and South Korea. Doc - Medical person, navy corpsman or flight surgeon. doc lam - Vietnamese for “number ten.” Usually referring to the least liked or last on a list. dog - Small metal fitting used to secure watertight doors, hatches, covers, scuttles, etc. Also, to close/secure such door/hatch.   doggie - US Army soldier. Dogpatch - Group of Vietnamese villages that was situated between the Marine compound at Danang and Hill 327. Named after a hillbilly town in the comic strip, Lil' Abner, by Al Capp. dope - Increments of windage and elevation on a rifle's adjustable sight. Double-dipper - Usually a retired government worker who also retired from the military and draws two retirement checks from the government. downrange or down-range - Dangerous area, from the portion of a shooting range that receives impacts. Also the projected execution of a plan. DP - Displaced Person. A foreigner who emigrated to the US by ship. Usually derogatory. D-ring - D-shaped metal snap link used to hold gear together. The handle on the rip cord of a parachute. drill - Close order drill. Procedures and methodology of handling weapons and moving troops about in an orderly fashion by marching. Used to indoctrinate recruits in obedience to commands and military appearance. dry fire - Practice firing of a weapon without using ammunition in order to refine body position and other shooting fundamentals. dust-off - Medical evacuation by helicopter. duty NCO or duty - Sentry responsible for patrol and security of a specific area, usually a barracks and/or working space in garrison. DZ - Drop Zone. Place where cargo and/or personnel are dropped by parachute.
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