C3, C4 - Composite 3, Composite 4; malleable, plastic high explosives resembling modeling clay. campaign cover - Official term for the brown campaign hat worn by drill instructors. Nicknamed, smoky bear hat. cannon cocker - Artilleryman. CAP - Civil Action Program. US military personnel working with Vietnamese civilians. CAP - Combat Air Patrol. Captain's Mast - Disciplinary action taken on board ship by the captain – office hours. The term "Captain's Mast" implies non-judicial punishment. The modern Navy and Marine Corps use the term "Meritorious Mast" to announce any ceremony involving the meritorious award of a higher rank or of a particular recognition or honor.   carbine - Short-barreled, lightweight automatic or semi-automatic rifle.   Caribou - Small transport plane for moving men and material. CAS - Close Air Support. Cav - Cavalry. The 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). CC - Company Commander.  CG - Commanding General. chain locker - Shipboard storage compartment where an anchor’s chain is stowed. A place you do not want to be when the anchor is dropped.  CHARLIE - Military phonetic for the letter ‘C’.   Charlie - Viet Cong. The enemy. charlies or chucks - Service "C" uniform, consisting of the short-sleeve khaki shirt and green trousers. chaser - Shortened form of prisoner-chaser or brig-chaser, an escort for a prisoner or detail (group) of prisoners. check fire - Order to stop firing due to a safety condition, possible error or missed target. cherry - Slang term for youth and inexperience; a virgin. Anything in mint or perfect condition. Chesty Puller - Highly decorated Marine Corps colonel from WW II noted for his “gung-ho” attitude. Upon getting his second-lieutenant commission he stated, “Now all I need is a war.”  Used in reference to Marines that have been awarded many ribbons and medals. chevron - Symbol of enlisted ranks above private, made up of hooks (stripes above) and rockers (stripes below).   Chicom - Chinese communist. Chicom mine - Chinese mine. Can be made of plastic or wood. chiisai tomodachi - Japanese for "little friends". Marine nickname for crabs or body lice. chinese fire drill - Action or maneuver where nothing went right or as planned. A real mess-up. Chinook - CH-47 cargo helicopter. chit - Voucher, receipt, letter, or note, entitling the bearer to special treatment, such as medical restrictions from duty. Derived from Hindi word for "letter", "chitti".   choi oi - Vietnamese exclamation of surprise that defies transliteration. Roughly, "oh my, what the hell;” pronounced choy oy. chopper - Helicopter. chow hound - Anyone getting their fair-share at the mess line, and then some. Food first, all else second.   chuck - Term used by black marines to identify white individuals; often derogatory. CINCPAC - Commander-IN-Chief of all American forces in the PACific region. cinderella liberty - Leave that ends at midnight. civvies - Civilian clothing. clacker - Small hand-held firing device for a claymore mine. claymore - Anti-personnel mine carried by the infantry which, when detonated, propelled small steel cubes in a 60-degree fan-shaped pattern to a maximum distance of 100 meters. clearance - Permission from both military and political authorities to engage the enemy in a particular area. Short for one of three security clearances: confidential, secret, or top secret. cluster f**k - Chaotic and messy situation; multiple mistakes or problems happening in rapid succession. See also goat rope/goat screw. CMC - Commandant of the Marine Corps. CMH - Congressional Medal of Honor. The highest US military decoration awarded for conspicuous gallantry at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. CN - Original riot-control chemical or tear gas, 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile. Not really gas but a white solid powder,  commonly used for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical, or NBC, training. CO - Commanding Officer. Code of Conduct - Military rules for US soldiers taken prisoner by the enemy. colonel - Proper means of addressing lieutenant colonels and colonels. colors - Military and American flags on parade. comics - Topographic maps. commo - Short for "communications". commo bunker - Bunker containing vital communications equipment. Usually included in the last redoubt of established defensive positions.   commo wire - Communications wire.   company - Military unit usually consisting of a headquarters and two or more platoons.   compound - Fortified military installation.  com-shaw - Trade, barter, or obtain by devious means; a respected activity among Marines who must steal or borrow war items from the other more materially endowed sister services; term passed down from the China Marines of Tientsin using the Chinese word for grateful thanks, "kamsia". concertina - Coiled barbed wire used as an obstacle. cone of fire - connex container - Corrugated metal packing crate, approximately six feet in length. contact - Firing on or being fired upon by the enemy. contour lines - In cartography, lines drawn on a topographical map to indicate elevation. The contour interval or space between contour lines is consistent for each map, representing a difference in elevation between the lines; i.e. 15 feet. When calculated as a ratio against the map scale, a sense of the hilliness of the terrain can be derived. The closer the contour lines to each other, the steeper the terrain. CONUS - Continental United States or the 48 states excluding Alaska and Hawaii, as opposed to OCONUS. corfams or corframs - Uniform dress shoes made from poromeric imitation leather. Look like patent leather. corpsman - Navy hospital medical specialist attached to a Marine unit; also known as “doc.” cosmolene - Heavy grease used to coat the metal parts of weapons put into long-term storage. Sometimes used as moustache wax. counterinsurgency - Anti-guerilla warfare. cover - Hat. covered and uncovered - When wearing and not wearing headgear (hat), respectively. cover and alignment - When in a formation, this refers to the proper distance between those next to, in front of, and behind a person. To seek the proper interval. CP - Command Post. CP pills - Anti-malarial pills. C-rations - Combat rations. Canned meals for use in the field. Each usually consisted of a can of some basic course, a can of fruit, a packet of some type of dessert, a packet of powdered cocoa, a small pack of cigarettes, and two pieces of chewing gum. crimp cartridge - Blank rifle cartridge with crimped end. Used to fire a rifle grenade. Crotch, the - the Marine Corps. CRT   Combat Recovery Team. cruise - Deployment aboard ship; or enlistment period, inappropriately called a stint. CS - Currently used riot control gas with a much stronger effect than the original CN, or tear gas.    cumshaw - Something extra or free, given as a favor or gift. Also a verb describing the acquisition or receipt of an item by other than “official” means. cyclo-boy - Xichlo or pedicab driver in Vietnam. cyclo-girl - Prostitute pimped off by a cyclo-boy.
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