Ba Mu'o'i Ba - Brand name of a popular Vietnamese beer. Vietnamese for "33". bandolier - Cloth sling carrying case or pouch for carrying small arms ammunition. The bandolier for the M-1 Garand held 10 clips of eight rounds each, for a total of 80 rounds. BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle. A .30-caliber magazine-fed automatic rifle used by US troops during World War II and Korea. barracks cover - Fabric-covered frame cap, worn green with the winter service uniform,  khaki with the summer uniform, and white with the dress uniform. Traditionally, officers wear this cap with the quatrefoil (a four-leaf design) and gilt devices that increase with rank.   barracks rat - Service member who rarely voluntarily leaves his or her on- base living quarters. base camp - Resupply base for field units and a location for headquarters of brigade or division size units, artillery batteries and air fields. Also known as the rear area. basic - Basic training.   basket leave - Unofficial time off given by the top NCO to a Marine for a job well done. The Marine is issued official orders for leave. If, at the end of his leave, he returns without incident, the orders are torn up, or tossed into the waste basket. battalion - Military unit composed of a headquarters and two or more companies, batteries, or similar units. battery - Artillery unit equivalent to a company. Six 105mm or 155mm howitzers or two 8-inch or 175mm self-propelled howitzers. BCD - Bad Conduct Discharge.   BDA - Bomb Damage Assessment.   beaten zone - Area where the majority of bullets will rain down when a machine gun is laid-in to cover a part of a defensive perimeter or part of an ambush zone. See “cone of fire”. belay - To cancel an order; to stop; to firmly secure a line. below - Down the ladder well; below decks. Downstairs. benjo toilet - Japanese for sanitation facility, i.e., benjo ditch.   berm - Perimeter line of a fortification, usually raised above surrounding area.   bird dog - Forward air controller in Vietnam, usually in a small, manoeuvrable single-engined prop aircraft.  black box - Many electronic components on aircraft are designed into sealed modules, or black boxes, making repair quick and easy by just pulling out one black box and replacing it with another.   blanket party - Group assault on a service member, repeatedly striking him or her, preceded by covering the victim's head with a blanket to prevent identification of assailants.   blood stripe - Scarlet stripe worn down the outside trouser legs of the dress blue uniform. Awarded to Marine officers and NCOs due to their high fatality rates in the Battle of Chapultepec, Mexico, in 1847. Also a form of hazing where fellow NCOs inflict damage to the outer thighs of a newly promoted corporal. blooper - M-79 grenade launcher. A 40-millimeter, shotgun-like weapon that shoots spin-armed "balls" or small grenades. Also known as a blooker. blouse - Military dress coat or jacket. A verb to tuck one's trousers into boots. blousing garter - Elastic band worn under a trouser leg and over the boot to tighten and "blouse" the trouser over the boot top. blues - Marine Corps dress blue uniform. body bag - Plastic zip-up bag used to transport fatalities from the field. body count - Number of enemy killed, wounded, or captured during an operation. The term was used by Washington and Saigon as a means of measuring the progress of the war. boo-coo - Bastardized French, from beau coup, meaning "much" or "many". boom-boom - Far-East slang for sex. boondoggle - Any military operation or action that has not been completely thought out. An operation that is absurd or useless. A useless effort. boot - Recruit. Derisive term for a Marine just out of basic training. BOQ - Bachelor Officer Quarters. Housing for single Marine officers. bouncing Betty - Anti-personal mine that, when tripped, pops up to about three feet above the ground before exploding. brain bucket - Helmet. brass - Metal uniform emblems and insignias. Expended weapon's casing or cartridge. Term for officers.   brat - Dependent child. BRAVO - Phonetic alphabet for letter ‘B’. brig - Secure area on board ship for confining prisoners. A navy or marine jail. brig rat - Sailor or marine in the brig. brightwork - Brass or shiny metal, which Marines must polish. brown-bagger - Service member (usually married) who lives off base with his/her family. Termed because the marine does not eat at the mess hall but brings meals from home. bug juice - Insect repellent. Flavored juice made from a powder such as Kool-Aid. bulkhead - Walls on a ship. Any wall in the Marine Corps. bum scoop - Bad information. busted or busted down - Reduced in rank. From the term meaning "caught in the act.”   butts - Protected pit area(s) on a shooting range where targets are located. by the numbers or Barney-style - To perform an action in sequence and strictly according to regulations, idiot proof. Oversimplified for the benefit of slow learners. Named after the bungling deputy sheriff, Barney Fife, on the Andy Griffith Show. by your leave - Request to proceed.
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