A-1 - Skyraider. World War II vintage ground attack aircraft used for close- air support in the early years of the Vietnam War. In 1964, there were no jet aircraft at Danang. The A1 could come in slow and low and deliver a devastating amount of ordinance on target. A favorite of many ground- pounders and an aircraft whose accuracy and effectiveness remain unmatched 60 years later. ace - Aviator credited with at least five aerial kills. acquire - Euphemism denoting theft, sometimes jokingly referred to as a "tactical acquisition”.   Agency - Central Intelligence Agency. AHB - Assault Helicopter Battalion. ahoy - Traditional nautical greeting, used for hailing other boats. air burst - Artillery or mortar shell exploded in the air, just above the target, causing damage over a wider area.    airdale - Person working in aviation. AK-47 - Soviet-manufactured Kalashnikov semi-automatic and fully automatic combat assault rifle, 7.62-mm, the basic weapon of the Communist forces. Known as the Type 56 to the Chinese, it is characterized by an explosive popping sound. all hands - Entire ship's company or unit personnel, including all officers and enlisted personnel. The official Navy magazine, All Hands. ALPHA - Military phonetic for the letter 'A'. ammo dump - Bunkered or bermed location where live or expended ammunition is stored. amtrac - Amphibious, tracked armored vehicle used to transport troops and supplies; armed with a .30-caliber machine gun. Used by the Marine Corps in the Pacific campaign of World War II. ao-dai - Traditional dress of Vietnamese women. A silk, split tunic top worn over loose fitting silk pants. Young girls and unmarried woman usually wore white while married and older women wore colors and prints. Pronounced ow z-eye.   APC - Armored Personnel Carrier. A track vehicle used to transport troops or supplies, usually armed with a .50-caliber machine gun. APO - Army Post Office, located in San Francisco for overseas delivery of mail to troops. article 15 - Non-judicial punishment in the United States military, authorized by Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Non-judicial punishment permits commanders to administratively discipline troops with a court-martial.   Arvin - Soldier in the army of the Republic of Vietnam, or ARVN, or the ARVN itself. Existed from October, 1955 to April, 1975. ARVN - Army of the Republic of Viet-Nam. the South Vietnamese Regular Army. as you were - Order to disregard the immediately preceding order, often in response  to a call to "attention on deck" or when the orders issued were mistaken. AT - Anti-Tank. Any type weapon or tactic used to destroy tanks or other armored vehicles. atropine - Troops that are likely to be attacked with biological weapons often carry auto-injectors with atropine and obidoxime, which can be quickly injected into the thigh to counter the deadly effects of nerve gas. Atropine serves as a treatment for poisoning by organophosphate insecticides  and nerve gases, such as Tabun (GA), Sarin (GB), Soman (GD), and VX. auto-rotate - Helicopter landing without engine power, using the frictional forces on the "pin-wheeling" blades to allow the pilot to "glide" to a landing. This type of landing is usually executed only in emergency situations. Needless to say, the pucker factor is ten.   AWOL - Absent WithOut Leave. Leaving a post or position without official permission. aye aye - affirmative.
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A-1 Skyraider
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